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 on: February 20, 2018, 10:59:32 PM 
Started by John - Last post by John

I found this Kryon message informative.

The idea being to put such knowledge into practice.


 on: August 16, 2017, 06:45:02 AM 
Started by John - Last post by John

There is a pending mini ice age on the way. This message has been given before.

This is controversial. Let the records of the ice cores and tree rings show that the cycle is very consistent. It starts with warming and high carbon dioxide levels, and it eventually goes into a place of cooling. This cycle has been seen over and over throughout the centuries in various stages of intensity.

This time, right on schedule, there is the beginning of a mini ice age. People say, "When?" If you have been paying attention, you don't need a prophet. Instead, look at the cycle from the charts of the past and the behavior of the sun. The timing is there, but I'll tell you anyway. You will start seeing the cold portion within 15 years (2032).

We are advised.

That's what you're facing, and I'll say it again. If you live in a cold climate, heed this advice: It's going to get colder. Get off the grid! Within the next 15 years, find a way of producing electricity independently or in smaller groups. This can be done neighborhood-wide or separately in homes. You're going to need this, dear ones, because the grid as it exists right now all over the world is not prepared for this coming cold, and the grid will fail. That's not doom and gloom, that's just practical, commonly known information. Your electricity infrastructure is delicate, too delicate. Prepare for a cold spell that may last for a couple of decades. That's all it is. Technology is racing forward to allow this. Don't let your politics get in the way of your survival.

Fifteen years is not a lot of time to change the infrastructure of electrical distribution around the world. The first step is to be aware we need to do it.


 on: August 07, 2017, 11:18:07 AM 
Started by Icrics - Last post by John
The eternal soul is a piece of what we call God. The higher self is you with that soul awareness in my view.

In that first vision where there were 2 kids who were running and playing. I can not help but think they were your real life children. There is no greater mission for God in physical reality than being a parent. Children emulate how you are. They mold them self after their parents. They may end up with very different beliefs however how they conduct them self is life is modeled by their parents.

The soul is everywhere. That is the nature of the true reality. This is hard for the logical intellect to digest however.

All I can think to say at this point is have fun with everything. Enjoy the adventure. Be happy and celebrate every day of your life.


 on: August 07, 2017, 07:08:14 AM 
Started by Icrics - Last post by Icrics
I agree. After the meeting with my higher self my consiouncess really seems to be moving towards my higher self. I can feel it many way and it feels exciting.

I have now started to see very beautiful mountain and ocean views, it feels like I would be in home everytime I see that same place from different views and different meditations. Then I asked to see something important for me and suddenly I appeared to the some big mountain city. Everything seemed to be well. I saw only comfortable looking people, and they were about 20-30 years old looking, and there was 2 kids who were running and playing some cat and mouse game. I saw houses, streets, walls and everything, but there wasn't shops or anything relating to money. I was a bit surprised when so many of them noticed and reacted their own ways to me.  It was funny when one of them started to smile to me when I lost control somehow and I was sinking into ground. I looked down and I saw transparent legs, cool.

Other interesting meditation vision was recently when I appeared to the front of a some kind of a quite big golden institute/academy/learning place, I don't know the right word. I moved inside to the hallway. I saw corridors, and I had not any idea where to go. I asked guides to show me a way and I went to the left corridor towards some learning room. In the room I started to experience one choosed dream like scenario. It didn't go so well and I started again. Now I choosed different path to help and deal things and people, and I passed a test.

It is a very strange to experience these things like I would be in real physcial world, but there are so many differencies. It is exciting to see very clearly and everything feels familiar. Time is a thing, what doesn't feel the same, and first it felt like being in slow motion movie, but now I have managed to adjust this issue somehow.

Can that be some real afterlive world or something like that? How you see a world where your soul is?

 on: August 06, 2017, 07:06:08 AM 
Started by Icrics - Last post by John

I am happy to have you in our little group.

I find that connecting with the higher self will help me to think and reflect in a way which is similar to that divine aspect of myself. I have had experiences where in a telepathic state talking with some one that I fall asleep and have no conscious recollection of that conversation. When I become conscious again I find that other persom was quite happy about our discussion. My belief is that the intellect itself can restrict our open hearted nature in various ways. That is is not necessary to remember those experiences.

I study channeled scientific information. My inderstanding is that our physical reality has a lot more to it than our science can comprehend. We live in a multiverse. There are energies in our known physical reality which are multidimensional. My view is that as our consciousness becomes more like that of our higher self, we get to appreciate a great deal more about the nature of the actual reality. As I see it, we do not move into higher planes of existance, we get to see and feel more about the nature of our everyday reality.

These are perceptions for sure. However if all dimensions of reality exist in our world then all of us are always in the so called astral plane. Our awareness of being present in it is what has evolved. I hope that this perspective is helpful.


 on: August 06, 2017, 06:05:52 AM 
Started by Icrics - Last post by Icrics
Hi all,

And to thanks to John about your interesting homepages.

I have had telepathic experiences from the chilhood and after this so called spiritual awakening I started read and search information about spiritual things.

Now I try to understand these astral and soul planes. I have felt many changes in my awareness to more balanced presence. Now three different mediums have said I'm going through changes, and my awareness is going to higher plane where my soul is. I met my higher self, and I got answers to some of my questions. Visions and feelings are much more steady there. But now I have started to experience a lot of talking in meditation state and I barely remember discussions and everything feels like mist. Do you have experienced similar things ever? How do you know when you step to higher plane than astral?

 on: February 24, 2017, 10:47:07 AM 
Started by John - Last post by txs
Thank you for sharing your story, John. This was very helpful.


 on: January 08, 2017, 08:30:44 AM 
Started by John - Last post by John

The message itself is about wild cards. How when the unexpected happens it is a good thing.

The audio at this link will clarify some things.

Both audios are insightful. I listen to each more than once.


 on: December 23, 2016, 07:50:12 AM 
Started by txs - Last post by txs
Thank you, Josh. That was a great explanation. I have a couple astral projections and out of body experiences. They aren't my natural ability so I don't do them much, it takes me hours to slip out of my body. But I'd like to get good at them at some point in the future. This is a good reminder for me to add it to my list again.

I've never been on the receiving end of an AP/OBE. Its cool to know how I would appear to others. What kinds of other interactions do you do?

 on: November 21, 2016, 12:56:38 AM 
Started by txs - Last post by Josh
It's possible it was me I do live in California and I tend to travel 10-50 miles from where I live. I consider that my sphere of influence, but I am not bound or limited to it. I travel almost every day, so it's quiet possible it was me. I tried to connect with the person of your description, but I'm not really feeling anyone who is Asian like that. But it's also possible that this person does exist and his energy and mine are stark contrast from one another, making it difficult for civil contact, or maybe he doesn't want to be contacted? Who knows.

I do that type of travel mainly through a trance, hypnagogic or sleep state. It's possible to do it while fully awake but it's not nearly as effective. I think this ability was a byproduct of my obsession with astral travel from a young age. I astral traveled naturally when I was too young to understand what I was doing, but it was a frightening experience for me. Adults and even other children didn't understand what I was experiencing so I forgot about it until years later I learned about astral travel. From there I attempted, but never truly succeeded in a conventional out of body experience. However, this byproduct that I gained was a strengthened astral body, and the ability to have astral experiences of a slightly different sort.

Sometimes my recollections of what transpired is in perfect detail, sometimes it's like a fuzzy dream and other times I quickly forget what happened. What you described is within the boundaries of something I would do, though I don't limited myself to those sorts of interactions. If you wanted to do this sometime I would recommend trying to astral project and combine this with strong emotions and strength of will directed by a goal or purpose.

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