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Author Topic: Telepathy Part 3 - Personal  (Read 1313 times)


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Telepathy Part 3 - Personal
« on: May 08, 2014, 08:32:39 AM »

I use a protocol for telepathy that requires a little background information to appreciate. We are always telepathically interacting with those around us, even if we are not conscious of this.

For as long as I can remember I have used a telepathic connection with my inner wisdom. I could always ask myself a question and receive enlightening information. This trait was recognized by some who professionally supervised my career, by seeing me as a person with an 'uncanny ability to assess outcome potentials'. I was know by some as a person who could accomplish any task. However I never really understood how this worked. I just used it when it was necessary.

In the late summer or fall of 1993 I met a person at one of my client companies who I would describe as my twin soul. This encounter turned my life upside down enough to force me to seriously go within myself for clarity of understanding. That process of discovery involved my higher self, subconscious, along with the higher self, soul self, and subconscious of my companion. I was guided to connect with this person in a very precise manner. I have recorded those details in 5 threads at my telepathy forum. My first telepathic contact involving conscious awareness took place in February 1998. It was unexpected for both of us. That experience of conscious telepathy was repeated in the fall of 2001 with another person I worked with. On September 9th 2004 my twin soul and I was involved with 'distance healing' which involved telepathy with a person's subconscious. It was shortly after that when AA Raphael became involved with us to teach us a specific protocol.

From Oct 4th 2004 until Dec 10th 2004 AA Raphael would bring us to connect telepathically with 30 different people. They were for the most part members of a spiritual discussion group I was involved with at that time. AA Raphael would introduce us to the higher self of someone. We would imagine a conversation in some kind of setting very much like a social encounter. After that discussion we would proceed to another area and speak with the soul self of that person. The vibrational energies were always at the same lever but distinctly different in characteristic. After that conversation we proceeded to another social setting for a conversation with the sub conscious. Once again the vibrational energies were at the same frequency as both the higher self and the soul self. My understanding is that the sub conscious vibrational energy ranges vary considerably. However at the highest level we always found a divine presence equal to the soul self. Only after these conversations were we then connected to the conscious awareness of a person. The conversation at this level was more like an average 3D discussion. What I can say is that this is the training we received for doing telepathy with people.

Now since this time I have had telepathic experiences with about another 100 people. I no longer invest the time with these visualizations, however my understanding is that in a split second they always take place. We are all divine beings following different paths of discovery. My intention is to be service to the soul self of those I connect with. I do hope that this distinction is clear as I present more of what I understand at this time about telepathic experiences.
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Re: Telepathy Part 3 - My Story
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2015, 02:21:34 PM »

John, I'm so glad I felt inspired to read this post. It gives me a preview of how my process may develop over time. And it matches closely with some experiences I've had regarding people's Higher Selves and their subconscoius. I too find that the subconscious varies. I think the subconscious readings are more of a "recent energy snapshot" of the person. Their latest and more dominant feelings, thoughts and desires over the past few days. I think the HS is a more long-term, overall view of the person and their desires. Those are my thoughts thus far =)